Monterrey is one of the most important cities of Mexico, for a while it has represented a symbol of prosperity and a growing economy. Now the city is entering a new era, it is struggling to maintain its status after a series of crisis. Insecurity, drug wars, hurricanes have being hitting the economy hardly and people struggle for identity and community life. It is on this topic that the URG sets up a research about urbanities and looks at the factors that affect the city. Departing from the paradigm on the "Generic City" by Rem Koolhaas, we rise the question on how architecture, urbanism, as well as design thinking might improve Monterrey’s lifestyle in the near future? Is architecture a solution?



A Dialogue On The City:

The City is a topic that intrigues and motivates, it is a subject for constant investigation that allows designers and architects to have a field of experimentation on people, buildings, public space, culture, mobility and more. It is through this topic that the Urban Research Gang has joined Academia bringing together professors and students from CEDIM in Monterrey Mexico and our gang. Together we will be developing a research on the City, particularly in El Barrio Tampiquito, a neighborhood in San Pedro Garza Garcia, where diversities are common, from the constant vibe of a commercial and industrial town to the conjugation of extreme divisions among social classes, mobility, economy and culture. The URG welcome students and professors on this entrepreneurship.

Luis O. Villegas. Founder

Diego Calderon. Founder



Time to think!

Alejandra Fuentes

It is time to recover the city, we should go back to the roots and maintain our identity, are we ready to take over the city?




Politics & Sociology

Marcos Rosillo

Monterrey is the city with the most outstanding contrast between economic groups. It is one of the richest municipalities in Latin America, and it is clear where limits begin and end. 


Global Identity

Vicky Castro

Monterrey is already in the vortex of global competition, from great scale real-estate developments to corporate and commercial buildings, hotels and high-level institutions for education.




Struggle for Identity

Emmanuel Hernandez

The city of Monterrey is the third largest and most important in the Mexican Republic. It contains 85% of the population of all the state of Nuevo León.


Statistics & General Information

Asahel Urbiola

Monterrey is a city in the process of becoming a generic city, and its main attraction is its anomie.


On Densification

Hector Gonzalez

Monterrey boosts its economy pursuing vertical developments. Citizens understand the idea that living in an area of mixed use land has major benefits than horizontal housing: is it densification at its best?



Eduardo Osuna

The no sense of place is a true characteristic of airports from generic cities, a vicious void of identity in which the city is falling slowly